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    Wide raenge of New and Pre-owned Bladder Scanners for sale. Affordable bladder scanners.

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All Medical Launches the Navi Ultrasound Scanner at AAGBI conference in Liverpool

All Medical Launches the Navi at AAGBI conference in Liverpool




  Annual Congress (AC)
Annual Congress is the flagship event of the AAGBI and is held in exciting locations around the UK and Ireland. Annual Congress is one of the leading anaesthetic meetings in the UK with an attendance of around 800-1000 national and international delegates. It features informative sessions, high profile speakers and  an extensive trade exhibition with over 40 leading anaesthetics companies attending. Annual Congress is aimed all levels of anaesthetists from trainees to consultants and is a European CPD accredited meeting. Special member early-bird rates apply. Visit Read more about the Navi ultrasound scanner 

Clarius Announces New Wireless Scanner for Small Animal Ultrasound

DICOM-compliant scanner pairs with iOS and Android devices to eliminate need to move pets to imaging rooms

Clarius Mobile Health, wireless ultrasound scanner, small animals, veterinarians, RSNA 2016

November 15, 2016 — Clarius Mobile Health has introduced a new ultrasound scanner designed for veterinarians who treat household pets. The Clarius C7 Wireless Ultrasound Scanner pairs with iOS and Android devices to enable quick scans. 

“Clarius is a point-and-shoot ultrasound scanner that is easy to learn and use by veterinarians,” said Gail Nichols, a sonographer who specializes in veterinary ultrasound.  “I have never seen such beautiful and accurate images from any other handheld device I have used.”

Clarius users can store, manage and share images for professional review on the Clarius Cloud.  Clarius scanners will also be DICOM-compliant to transfer exams to telemedicine services. With automated settings and image tools, Clarius is designed to be easy to learn and use for veterinarians with basic ultrasound scanning skills. 

Clarius Vet Scanners are water-resistant for easy cleaning and sterilization.  They are powered by a rechargeable battery and built with a magnesium case. Clarius is ISO certified and has met all safety requirements.

“The ability to take Clarius from one exam room will be particularly valuable to veterinarians,” said Nichols.  “In many practices, the pet’s anxiety comes from being picked up, placed on a table, restrained and then having the process repeated in another designated imaging room. With Clarius, you can walk into any room to image pets.”

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