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Ultrasound Scanners and Bladder Scanners for sale


  • Bladder Scanners

    Wide raenge of New and Pre-owned Bladder Scanners for sale. Affordable bladder scanners.

    Bladder Scanners

  • Ultrasound Scanners

    Ultrasound scanners for sale including portable and 4D ultrasound scanners.

    Ultrasound Scanners

  • Vet Scanners

    Vet ultrasound scanners and x-ray imaging for sale for various animals. applications and budgets.

    Vet Scanners

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Canon Completes Acquisition of Toshiba Medical

Japanese electronics manufacturer Canon Inc. (Tokyo, Japan) has completed its acquisition of Toshiba Medical Systems Corp. (Tokyo, Japan), a medical unit of Toshiba Corp. (Tokyo, Japan) that provides medical imaging products and solutions. Canon has received the necessary clearance from competition regulatory authorities to make Toshiba Medical its subsidiary in a USD 54.7 billion deal.

Toshiba Medical has a broad portfolio of medical imaging products, including diagnostic X-ray systems, X-ray computed tomography (CT) systems, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems, diagnostic ultrasound systems, and diagnostic nuclear medicine systems. The company also offers medical imaging solutions and in-vitro diagnostics for individualized care.

Canon, which manufactures printers, photocopiers and cameras, aims to leverage Toshiba Medical’s core strength in imaging diagnostics, further reinforce its operational strength in the in-vitro diagnostics business and next-generation medical IT through M&A and other strategic investment, in order to strengthen its own biomedical business.

Canon already possesses proprietary high-speed dynamic X-ray imaging sensor technology, among other imaging devices, along with associated elemental technologies; photoacoustic tomography technology; medical robotic system technologies, and minimally invasive technologies. By combining these technologies and Toshiba Medical’s R&D capabilities, Canon plans to come out with new products and services in the future.